Bridal Network . Banners & Advertising

Network Ad Campaigns

  • Promote outside your strict geographical area:
    ex. a Hamilton photographer advertising in Toronto
  • Promote outside your directory category:
    ex. a makeup artist advertising to brides looking at wedding dresses
  • Promote specific one-time events:
    ex. sales, shows, openings, specials
  • Promote original & unusual products:
    something that the brides will probably not look for, since they do not know it exists!
    ex. video broadcasts of your reception
  • Simply increase your branding & exposure!
  • Lower your Ad Costs!
    ex. if you are paying $1.85 CPC in the directory, why not also run text-ads at $0.25 CPC??


(image ads, graphics)

  • 190x600: $12 CPM
  • 120x600:  $8 CPM
  • 468x60 :  $5 CPM

Minimum Campaign: $300

Text Ads

(like Google's AdWords)

  • $0.25 CPC (per click)
  • No minimum campaign
    The clicks are simply charged off your network account.

Ask About Banners

Ad Campaigns are scheduled "manually" by our staff.

And they can get complicated.

So give us a call:
- 604-737-7755
- 877-437-7755

  Or, send us an email

* no pitches, no pressure *
  - just answers

Q: Can I Control my Budget?
Yes, of course: you can set both a total budget for the campaign
and a daily "throtle". ex. $300/yr, max $1/day.

Q: Can I Control Stop My Campaign? Yes, at any time;
your campaign balance will remain in your account, available for directory clicks, new banners, leads etc.

Q: Can I Have More than One Banners? Yes! In fact we recommend it. Run a few different versions of your ads, in the same campaign; becauseyou never know which one will work best, in advance. Let the computer run them in rotation, then, after a few weeks, the reports will show which one has the best reponse.


Ad rates are usually quoted either as "CPM" or as "CPC"

  • CPM:
    Litterally means "cost per thousand". Ex: an $8CPM means "eight dollars per thousand banners shown" = $0.008 per banner shown.

  • CPC:
    "Cost per click". Ex: 25c CPC means "twenty five cents every time someone clicks your ad"

(*) Ads are usually either CPM or CPC; normally banner ads are CPM (you pay for the "real estate" on the page) and text-ads (like Google's AdWords) are CPC.

(**) Still, it possible to schedule a mixed campaign : pay a low CPM rate to show the banner plus a CPC charge; so you are keeping the cost low, if the campaign is underperforming i.e. if the ads are not being clicked.

An Easy Campaign

An optimal ad campaign, for a local, regional service (ex. a wedding planner in Montréal)

significantly boosting your visibility (~ total local coverage) without breaking the bank:

  • Duration: One year
  • Cost: $300
  • Geo-Target: your metro area
  • Banners: 25,000 "wide sky"s
    - big & above-the-scroll

  • Text Ads: Unlimited

What Else?